Fair in a Box

Congratulations! You want tools to help young people explore options for their future, to make good decisions now that will prepare them for the 21st century. The Dr. Nelson Ying Tri Region Science and Engineering Fair and its sponsors want to join you in that effort.

Fair in a Box is simply a gathering of tools and resources helping you to engage the community in launching a science fair. It may be through a school, an organization, a town or a county. With a science fair, caring adults encourage young people to consider seriously their own interests and talents, to learn more about how to prepare for their future. THAT IS IMPORTANT!

Overview: This memo is for someone who wants to know generally what Fair in a Box is about. Fair in a Box: Summary Memo


PowerPoint Show: The Introduction provides the overview including info re Ying TRSEF. It gets everyone on the same page. Part Two basically walks you through a poster fair, focusing on topic reports, although it could include kids who choose to experiments independently. Part Three opens the door to young people wanting to do actual experiments or engineering designs, though of course we encourage you to allow topic posters as well.

You have your choice of two formats:
(1) PowerPoint 2007 files that you can present as a slide show. Use the notes view to provide you with useful additional information or even to serve as your “talk”. Remember, you may well want to use only the Intro and Part Two; YOU be the judge. Intro Part Two Part Three
(2) PDFs that you can print or project as you wish, if you do not have access to PowerPoint 2007 or a later version. Project the Show PDF as you refer to the Notes PDF. (The notes format distorted photo files; your printer is NOT out to get you.)


Tool Box: These files are masters for the various items you might need for your fair. You will find fields ready and waiting for the name and date of your fair, local contact information … whatever makes this work well for you in your community.

* Community Commitment info sheet and form
* Handout about the fair to go home with every student
* Student Registration Form
* Invitation to come to the Fair
* Form to receive $50 rebate for every vehicle bringing at least four (4) registered students to the Ying TRSEF in Syracuse for Fair Weekend, March 16-17, 2013.

* How to handle advancement to the regional fair
* and list of counties which can advance students to the Ying TRSEF

Advertisements and Press Information
* Press release to recruit community partners
* Calendar listing
* Press Release about what happened at the fair

Fair Day Materials
* Signs to use at the Fair

* Every student receives a Certificate of Participation
* Certificate for Advancement to the Ying TRSEF
* Certificate for Outstanding Poster
* Certificate for Best Poster
* Honors certificate for an experiment or engineering design
* High Honors certificate for an experiment or engineering design
* Highest Honors certificate for an experiment or engineering design
* Certificate for Adult Commendation
CLICK HERE to request the three FREE Ying TRSEF special awards – full color certificates in presentation folders will be mailed to you.


And remember, you can contact the Ying TRSEF with questions any time.

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