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Global Grant Mastersheet with ongoing discussion FILE

Initial considerations for a Global Grant application by 6/30/17.

An initial brainstorming – VERY preliminary, to start our conversation:

  1. Focus could combine Dessa’s nonviolence project with the new PEACE community garden and the refugee advocacy of Interfaith Works.
  2. We have a possible direct outreach option to German Rotary groups, so we can get the international partner by proposing that they fund us this time with our refugees, and we use this project as a template to fund their project next cycle with their refugees. Voila – the international partners are in place.
  3. We already have personal connections with refugee communities across the city, so we can easily create an advisory board of both the new and longer residents that can advise us at every step.
  4. We have a source for a no-interest loan to front the funds during the project with reimbursement when the RI funds come in when we’re done.
  5. Our current DG is very supportive of SICRC’s moving in this direction ASAP.
  6. We have contacts in sister clubs that give us district-level partnerships as well.
  7. Utica also has a large refugee population, so we can approach their club – the largest in the district!

Useful Link for Non-RI Grant Applications
Renee Jensen at the Auburn Office of Planning and Economic Development provided this link. You enter the needed-data zip code and it will map demographics, income, education… (choose the tab that says more maps for these options). LINK


State Grants
Current theme is hunger, so does not appear to be a good fit for 2011-2015. Please review, Jernois.

Local Community Contribution Program
“At Walmart, we believe in operating globally and giving back locally. Through our Local Community Contribution program (LCC), facilities are able to support the needs of their local communities by providing funding to organizations working to improve the lives of our associates, customers and neighbors.”
Per stores in fair territory, need to make ask at beginning of each quarter or the $ are long gone.

NB: We fit well with education priority, and with the science fair link for Hoops, also link well re Youth Entrepreneurship.
“Youth Entrepreneurship: Examples include helping young people choose to stay in school, develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, programs that spark the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s youth.”

  1. Guidelines
  2. FAQs
  3. Apply for grant link


Local Giving
Staples provides charitable donations to non profit organizations engaged in educational and youth focused projects and events. If your organization fits within our focus area, please visit your local Staples® store and speak with the general manager about how they can support your community organization. All requests are evaluated by your local Staples store and decisions are made at the discretion of store management.

We Care Gift Cards
Staples stores are able to support non profit organizations making a positive difference in the local community through We Care gift cards. These gift cards enable non profit organizations to obtain from Staples supplies needed to make a community event or program a success! Ask your local store manager for details.

In-Kind Product Donations
Our stores are able to donate eligible products to help your organization’s administrative needs. Your local store manager can answer any questions about product availability and eligibility.


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