NYS Regionals: Ying Scholar Semifinalist Awards

The Intel ISEF-affiliated regional fairs in New York State can present one $500 scholarship and advance that Senior Level project as Semifinalist to the Ying Scholar Competition.

Dr. Ying believes in people’s potential to change the world. He encourages youth to find that capability within themselves! If a student’s research project were to continue or engineering design were produced, how would this make the world a better place? Dr. Ying seeks to encourage innovative, even transformative, work by minds ready for that challenge.

Dr. Nelson Ying and the Committee of the Dr. Nelson Ying Tri Region Science and Engineering Fair are delighted to provide one (1) Semifinalist Project Award to each Intel ISEF-affiliated regional science fair in New York State.

One project – individual or team – will be selected by the judges of your fair using the rubric provided in the awards package. The goal is to identify students with the passion and talent to change the world. Their innovative research, if continued, could develop a transformative technology or field of inquiry. Each project will be awarded a $500 prize, to be presented to the individual researcher or divided between team members. In addition, the teacher included in the student(s)’ registration will receive an award of $100.

At no cost to the regional fair or the students, these Semifinalists will submit their work to the Ying Scholar Panel for review. Finalists will be announced in April.

The four selected projects’ Finalists will defend their work before a panel of PhDs and military officers at the Ying Scholar Finals at Onondaga Community College on April 29, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. Ying TRSEF will cover travel and dinner for each Finalist; the regional fairs will bear no costs.

The researcher(s) of two projects will be honored as Ying Scholars, and receive a $2000 scholarship (to be divided between team members if needed). The school or youth organization sponsoring each project will in turn receive a $500 award.

Ying TRSEF is honored to become the sponsor of this award for New York students eager to use their talents and abilities to improve the world in which they live.

> Award package including certificates and student package will be sent to the Awards Chair of each regional fair
> Judging rubric PDF
> Flyer about new award PDF

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