Saint Michael’s Lutheran Church

The outpouring to provide for them was truly remarkable, and a blessing of the Spirit upon our congregation. Thank you all so much!

About the Advent Blessing Family
This local family lost everything they owned in a fire.
Our little girl is 4 years old, loves books, little girl puzzles, and anything pink. Sizes: Girls 6, girls’ 11 boots
Our teen boy is 15 years old, is a reader who likes sports (football and basketball especially), and “physical stuff.” Sizes: Men’s pants 36/32, shirt XL, men’s 10 1/2 boots
Mom would love to bring her family to the zoo, and would enjoy a music player (~i-pod). Sizes: 10 pants, medium shirts, women’s 9 1/2 boots
Our family is African American, so please make sure the dolls, games and books include children of color.

What did we gather?


Clothes for all three – an amazing collection!
– Boots, hats, mittens, scarves and socks
– Coats/jackets
– Two complete outfits for each family member (pants, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts)
Kitchen items:
– Pots and pans
– Toaster oven
Music players for Mom and son
Picture frame and wall art for home
Baby and Barbie dolls with clothes and all sorts of toys and jewelry
Stuffed animals with additional theme toys
Giant can of popcorn
Fairy toys, dress-up costume and jewelry, lunch box
Books, puzzles, sleds, football, toys and games
Tool set primarily for keeping up their apartment
Prayer shawls for Mom and Son; blanket for Daughter (new)
Small afghan for home (new)
Zoo membership (gift from Daisy Troop that meets at our church)
Christmas ornaments and home decorations


Television with remote controller
Kitchen table and chairs
One twin bed with mattress
Sets of towels for bath and kitchen
Kitchen items (utensils, kettle, coffee pot)
Several boxes of used books and sports magazines to rebuild their home library

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