NASA Mini Maker Faire – PREP SHEET


Supplies to get:

  1. Two more bins for fossils (18×27″)
  2. Beans/cups/soil/Ziploc bags as award for participating in Onondaga Earth Corps Jeopardy game
  3. Fish tubing for spirometers (next to theater for exercise testing)
  4. Blue tape /need more – get another bundle but unopened so can return?
  5. Double sets of ink for HP printer at OCPL station
  6. Hangers and string for mobiles at Unmaking – tie and tape
  7. More safety glasses YES (have more gloves)
  8. Tops and Wegmans bags for registration Already have (100 bags from Tops at Nottingham Plaza from Marcy) (300 from Valley Plaza Tops from MEW)
  9. Tablecloths – paper or plastic? Roll of plastic – Maines in North Syracuse at old Williams



  1. Event guide (EMT call, Dewitt Police, campus safety) large sign on wall at registration CATERING CELL
  2. Building layout LARGE MAPS ON THE WALLS
  3. Program (fancy for sponsors, B&W on color for MMF) Have a color version in PDF, but saved over $250 by doing a B&W on color paper program. That let us feed 45 volunteers!



  1. Balloons Balloon Affairs is doing the job for a deep discount – RWB helium-in-latex at 10a.
  3. Coat racks – pick up? MICHAEL’s yes for Fri a.m., but need to finalize Northeast
  4. Parking signs to ID our lots Le Moyne is printing parking signs and providing campus safety for traffic. Also producing signs for the bathrooms.
  5. Have Ying TRSEF judge and volunteer signup at registration!
  6. Calls to bus families re schedule!
  7. Pay for buses early Fri a.m.
  8. Call Sue 8a Fri re coat racks – em Michael.


To bring:

  1. Home color printer with two full sets of inks
  2. Power bars
  3. Small LADDER-STOOL for signs on balloons
  5. Index cards into each reg. bag so have a “data card” for each person if they want.
  6. as many safety glasses as possible
  7. bring paypal sensor


To print:

  1. Volunteer name tags (string pockets)
  2. Service learning documentation
  3. Food coupons
  4. Media release approved by NASA (clipboards at registration)
  5. On-site registration forms so collect data
  6. Professional development promotion (where? how?)
  7. Large sign “safety guide” with numbers for Dewitt Police, Le Moyne Security


Should produce:

  1. Programs (to be printed at OCC)
  2. T-shirt size signs (laminated)
  3. Signs for new adventures
  4. New OCC STEM Initiatives sign
  5. Bus signs for MMF? (four bus stops plus the MOST if Watertown coming) Generic
  6. New OCC STEM Initiatives sign


Adventure Notes:

  1. *** NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors *** projector, mars and moon rocks.
  2. Astronaut 101: Can you be faster and stronger?
  3. Basketball and … 5 3′ round rubbishes. brick in bottom of each. 3 more large-key calculators. Check bobbie and ernie for calc.
  4. BE a scientist! Mastodon Matrix 200 more paper plates. toothpicks.
  5. Big Rigs, Big ideas
  6. Bionic Blox Gary
  7. Books, Verily
  8. Circuit Circus IEEE Style will have IEEE banners and supplies.
  9. DIY DNA
  10. Earthquake Zone – BEWARE! ping pong balls CHARLES. BIG rubber bands.
  11. Float the boat!
  12. FunFlicks Action Center can show in HD, TV events. Sat will be games like Wii tennis. NASA videos. VLC video player > from Damian.
  13. Grampa’s not old. FOSSILS are old!
  14. Green and smart – Jeopardy a la Onondaga Earth Corps need 200 more ziplocs. 600 clear cups. soil. Bean seeds.
  15. Imagine and Make!
  16. Meet the Solar System Minstrels
  17. My future – my dream!
  18. Rube Goldberg is alive and well in Syracuse! Want people to get a discount of 20% if they register a team leader with you Sat? Make some sign.
  19. Social Media for Change Larry Goodman from OCC. MEW to bring powerbar. Assign a few volunteers for cell phone video to make promos for crowd funding. Huge piece of paper for “change wall” – Sharpies color. Blue tape. Shiny silver paper or burlap.
  20. Touchdown 600 reg marshmallows. 3000 mini marshmallows. 2400 straws (Smith rest.)
  21. UN-making Lots of “stuff” ready to be picked up at 200 Mulroy, OCC.
  22. Media green room with extra activity about computers/servers



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